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Back in the 1990’s progressive journalist Robert Fitch wrote about how the gentrification of New York City was the workings of a cabal he referred to as FIRE. This acronym he coined stands for F-finance, I-insurance and RE-real estate. The idea of a FIRE elite was the formula I needed for understanding how things like massive deforestation, debt, inflation, economic collapse and even the opioid crisis could occur.
Consumerism is the main vehicle of FIRE. Everything from goods and services to entertainment, drugs, politicians and even regular people are considered commodities.
This website focuses on two aspects: the catastrophic drug crisis caused by both the legal(Big Pharma) and illegal(Organized Crime) FIRE.
And identifying the maneuvers(propaganda) that keeps society in a constant state of consumption. In a technologically advanced world advertisements and marketing is so ubiquitous that one should ask themselves, “are these thoughts my own?’

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