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Most people have the belief that government is there to protect and serve the people.  That our tax dollars go towards benefitting the citizens.  That the programs and organizations that are created are filled with “experts” that know what is good for the people and the environment.  This is a fairy tale.  What has just been described is what government is supposed to be not what it is.  The government, and not just the U.S. government, is made up of people that are, for the most part, very wealthy and can relate nothing to how common people live.  Even the ones that at one time came from humble beginnings usually end up forgetting all about how the real world works once gaining opulence. 

And because none of these people can identify with the masses, they are incapable of understanding the issues they claim to be fighting to fix.  Their way of life is compromised by the well-being of their citizens.  For people to stay healthy they need clean drinking water, nutritious food, good education, well-paying jobs, healthcare etc.  And yet it appears that the so-called protectors of the people bend over backwards to make sure that their citizens get the opposite.  From contaminated water to food filled with GMO’s and chemicals.  From an education system that focuses on meaningless standardized tests to outrageous college debt.  From low-wage jobs to high taxes.  High health insurance.  Polluted water.  Deforestation. 

Throughout history this has been going on and generation after generation it has continued to get worse.  And yet nobody ever questions why or even realizes the severity of the issues at hand.  Apart from activist groups that focus on these issues generally people just believe that if my team wins (Republican or Democrat) than everything will be okay.  And if my team does not win than all my energy must be focused on smearing the opposing team, so they do not win next time.  It is the role that politics has played in the destruction of the human conscious.  There is no left and right, only right, and wrong, and what the government does is wrong.

To illustrate this point let us focus on why the current structure of government is wrong and how it should be structured.

How Government Is:

The system as it is known currently is not broken like many on the left imply.  It is working simply fine.  It is doing what it is supposed to do which is suppress and leech off society.  It is not meant to protect people, more like keep them enslaved in some form of another.  This enslavement takes two forms.  One is actual physical slavery like what was seen in the Antebellum years where people were in chains.  This does not happen in Western society anymore although Western governments at times, play a role in the slavery that occurs in Third World countries when they support a dictator. 

Then there is the enslavement which is mostly seen in the West.  Mental slavery such as the pinning of its citizens against each other via political ideology among other things.  The belief that government is on the side of the public and the dumbing down of kids in school.  Subtle forms of physical enslavement can occur if someone tries exposing political/corporate corruption and then gets their career destroyed and ends up financial bleeding internally.  Or if a cop decides to take the bad day he is having out on someone, which occurs largely in communities of color and lower-income neighborhoods.  People aren’t totally free if they can’t think for themselves, criticize government and corporate entities without worrying about their income being compromised or walk down the street without worrying about being harassed by a cop.  It is only the illusion of freedom.

Most people fall on one side or the other.  Either they want less government and more power to the private sector, or they want more government and therefore, more government regulation in the corporate sector.  This is part of the illusion that the two a separate from each other.  They are in fact the same.  Government and corporations are indivisible.  Take the United States for example.  The U.S. should not be considered a large government but a megacorporation.  It was founded by the Dutch East India Company, a megacorporation, among others. 

The land was bought, much like how companies buy or merge with other companies, for small peanuts off of the Native Americans who were not savvy enough to understand the maneuvers and schemes of the Europeans.  For instance, New York was bought by several different directors of the Dutch East India Company.  Board member Peter Minuit bought Manhattan.  Another director Michael Paauv bought Staten Island and what’s now Hoboken and Jersey City.  And the most wealthiest and powerful member of the board Kiliaen Van Rensselaer purchased 700,000 acres of land that included Albany and Rensselaer(named after him) counties, a part of Columbia county and a piece of Massachusetts, and all it cost him was knives, cloths and axes. 

The Founding Fathers were almost entirely made up of the wealthy noblesse oblige.  As illustrated by Ferdinand Lundberg in Cracks in the Constitution, “Directly or indirectly, as principals or lawyers, the assembly consisted of planters, bankers, merchants, ship-owners, slave-traders and slave-owners, smugglers, privateers, money-lenders, investors and speculators in land and securities.”

Lundberg compares the men meeting at the Constitutional Convention to what would be considered the Wall Street crowd of today.  The Convention “was distinctly a gathering of the rich, the well-born and, the able.” 

It is no wonder why multi-billion-dollar companies get so many tax breaks.  Land developers are permitted to steamroll over rural communities.  Food and chemical companies can get away with putting pesticides and GMO’s in food and liquids.  Whatever is profitable and convenient for corporations is just as much for governments.  Laws in the U.S. are often set-up to benefit the large corporations while keeping the small-timers pressed against the wall.  Not that small business’ that commit crimes or do harm to people should not be punished.  It just demonstrates the contradictions of the government when it gives billionaires and their company’s better treatment than they do the little guy. 

Think about how the government’s response has been to the Covid-19 spectacle.  The trillions of dollars that was funneled into the economy, known as the CARES Act, was filled with specific requirements that small-business’ could not meet fast enough before the big corporations, who had the resources to get around those requirements, could swoop in and take it.  The CARES Act, which was supported by Republicans and Democrats alike and signed into law by President Donald Trump, did more to hurt small business’ and help boost the already extremely well-off multi-billion-dollar companies.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy has created a group called the Restart and Recovery Commission.  Its purpose is to help the state’s economy get back on its feet in the wake of Covid-19.  The individuals on the commission are to advise the Governor on how and when certain aspects of the economy should open back up and what kind of financial assistance the unemployed should get. 

This may sound like a great thing however when one observes the people on the commission it’s easy to lose hope in the idea that any of the middle or working class will be assisted.  The head of this commission is Ben Bernanke, the man who was greatly criticized for bailing out Bear Sterns with $30 billion during the 2008 financial crisis.  Instead of putting that money towards the millions of Americans who were in danger of defaulting on their mortgages thanks to the muck up of Wall Street, Bernanke thought it be more appropriate to help his fellow colleagues down by the Battery. 

Bernanke’s position should not come as a surprise given Governor Phil Murphy’s ties to Wall Street.  Long before galloping down to the Garden State to save New Jersians from Chris Christie’s Bridgegate and sunbathing Phil Murphy was an executive for Goldman Sachs and at one point was head of Goldman’s Frankfurt and Hong Kong offices. Bernanke’s disturbing history regarding the Recession combined with Murphy’s background with Goldman Sachs, it’s hard to imagine that this new commission will do anything other than assist New Jersey’s largest corporations who need it the least and snubbing the average Joe who needs it the most.

Protection for the Elites:

Often the police who have a long history of corruption and controversary are protecting and serving corporations instead of average citizens.  Taxes are paid in part, towards their salaries, and in return residents get police protection, although at times it turns into police brutality.  A good example of this is Henry Ford and his Ford Servicemen, Ford Motor Co.’s private police, during the 20’s and 30’s.  The United Automobile Workers were attempting to unionize Ford.  In response Henry Ford used his Servicemen which was headed by Harry Bennet and made up of gang members and mobsters to shut down their attempt. 

When members of the UAW stood outside Ford’s Rogue plant to hand out leaflets to workers Ford Servicemen brutally beat them including women.  In one case a woman was kicked so hard in the stomach that she vomited all over the sidewalk.  All a nearby cop would do is plead to the Servicemen not to attack the women.  The cop did not arrest them or aggressively try to stop them in anyway.  He pleaded with him.  All the police officers present that day just stood by and watched.  The reason for this is because the Dearborn Chief of Police was a former Ford Serviceman who coordinated with Ford.  The Dearborn police demonstrated how their purpose is to do the bidding of Henry Ford even if it means innocent people getting beaten almost to death and hospitalized.  It’s a good history lesson for the next time there are cops standing down as rioters attack people or someone gets put into a chokehold it may be a good idea to look into the background of the local Chief of police.

How Government Should Be:

Government should not be made up of elitist and aristocrats but regular working-class people.  If someone has worked in a certain blue collared business, they should run for a position that focuses on something in that sector.  We have a government that is run by people that for the most part, have never worked a regular job in their life.  It is not just about having academic qualifications.  If a government official had the proper schooling for labor issues but worked for a multi-billion dollar corporation prior to going into the public sector than that person is going to do what he knows best which is benefit the corporations and not the taxpayers.  If someone else had the same academic qualifications but worked his whole life in a grocery store or on a construction site he would most likely do what he knows and put in laws and regulations that is going to help the working class.  Of course, that does not mean people cannot become compromised, but it is the safer bet.

Most people get hypnotized by the degrees and big names on a politician’s record.  They do not realize that what they know differs from what workers need.  Environment is the same thing.  Just because it is the Department of Environmental Protection does not mean that they are going to protect the environment.  Their department is filled with just as many leeches as the companies that are causing harm to nature.  Politicians, just like CEO’s, have interests in companies and projects that are harmful to society.

In Mexico, a town overthrew its government and now has placed a council made up of the townspeople who work with their fellow residents to keep order.  The original government was corrupt and was partnered with local organized crime and illegal loggers.  Kidnappings were frequent and people were afraid to go out at night.  The townspeople organized and threw out the local government and the criminals.  Politics is banned from the town because the politicians they had were corroborating with the crooks and were believed to be being used to divide the community.  They have their own militia to patrol their streets and a council where they make laws, and everything stays in the community.  This was in the early 2000’s, it’s unclear how the town is now but supposedly it’s one of the safest places in Mexico. 

For government to work it must be made up of the working and middles class.  They know what is best for society because they are a part of it and not hidden behind some gated community getting paid huge amounts of money from investments and kickbacks.  The system as it is now having always been a cohesive patriciate to help the few and disregard the many.


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