The God’s They Believe In

gods they believe in

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Well, here we go again.  Another election.  Another last hope to save America from destruction.  It’s always the same.  Vote for me otherwise democracy will fall.  But since the election of Donald Trump, who’s presidency in my opinion has been the largest psychological operation in human history, the politicians have, for the most part, limited their rhetoric to “vote for me so we don’t get the other guy.”  Not that this is anything new.  Politicians have always taken shots at each other when running for office.  However, with that bashing also came tales of some type of reform as well as discussions on other issues at hand.  Since the Trump era began it is no longer necessary to dig into issues facing American citizens, in other words, it is less lying the politicians must tell the public. 

The American people have become so polarized and dumbed down that it is believed that if the opposing team does not win America will prosper.  Never mind inflation, never-ending wars, economic collapse, those do not matter “whatever issues are at hand will be solved if my team wins.”  Americans are organized in their groups.  We are no longer people thanks to the system that we praise.  We are whatever group they have assigned to us.  Black, white, Latino, man, women, gay, straight, transgender etc.  We are all part of different flocks that are to be herded and eventually slaughtered.  And yet we have no desire to take control of our lives and break out of the slaughterhouse.  In fact, we embrace it with a smile. 

We leave everything up to the Gods i.e. politicians.  Our faith and loyalty are gladly placed into the hands of people who not only don’t care about society but often times seem barley capable of comprehending basic concepts.  It is barley ever mentioned any real issues that common people face.  Their all just talking points.  Whatever issues are mentioned are usually praised as good things like A.I. in the workplace and other technological advancements which will further diminish the workforce and isolate an already mentally fragile society. 

Donald Trump, the lord, and savior of the Evangelical and Zionist right has convinced his worshipers that if the Democrats win in November communism will take over the country.  That their conservative communities will turn into a Portland like dystopia where Antifi is the ruling class.  These followers of his never seem to stop and think about what Trump has done for this country.  They do not look at how he has not only failed to drain the swamp but in fact has made it deeper.  Mike Pompeo and William Barr, two neocons who would probably like to see the Iranian people massacred are not exactly ideal for cleaning house. 

Trump has contradicted himself on so many different occasions its crazy to see that people still believe he’s Americas Messiah.  Despite all the noise of the idiotic birther movement Trump and his predecessor have more in common than he makes it sound.  For one thing both Donald Trump and Barrack Obama stated when running for office that they were going to bring all the troops home.  But instead once securing the presidency they took it upon themselves to put us in more countries consequently killing countless civilians and devastating communities and economies, as well as, getting more of our troops killed and costing the taxpayer’s money. 

Also, Trump claims to be putting America first but often he seems to be putting Israel first.  This ties into the continuing wars that we must be involved in for the sake of Israel and Saudi Arabia.  There is also the factor of Israel getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar pertaining to spying on the government.  It’s been discovered on more than one occasion that Israel had put bugs in the White House but its taboo to take action against them only Russia or China or Iran needs to be held accountable for transgressions against national security.

But let us not focus too much on Donald Trump.  The ones that need the most examination are the phony progressives that pretend to be outliers and representing the working class.  The anti-establishment Democrats which does not even make any sense because how can you be anti-establishment and Democrat.  To be anti-establishment you cannot be part of a political party i.e. part of the establishment. 

To clarify we should get a better understanding of what it means to be anti-establishment.  For someone to be anti-establishment they must disassociate from any type of political parties.  They investigate wrongdoings of any party including the one that might coincide with their political ideology.  They steer clear of political talking points and have an open mind.  They fight against any individual or entities even if that means fighting against those that they thought were good.  In many ways it is anarchistic.  It could take the willingness to destroy the system entirely and rebuild it from scratch.  To be truly anti-establishment would require sacrifice.  This could mean financial sacrifice, popularity sacrifice or even sacrificing your own life like in the case of Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcom X.

Unfortunately, it has been implanted in people’s brains that being anti-establishment refers to…well…the establishment.  Donald Trump’s a great example of this.  Many of his followers foolishly believed that he was going against the system and was an outsider despite coming from wealth, having a company, having his own TV show, being a celebrity and headlining news articles. 

But it is more sinister with the progressives because their maneuvers are subtle.  They are the ones that are claiming to be for the working and lower classes.  Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are the two most popular.  Those on the left drool over these two under the belief that they will bring in some type of utopia.  Sanders and AOC talk about racial equality, Medicare for all, immigration rights, women rights and fighting the 1% and climate change.  They both claim to be grassroots even though they are career politicians that get massive media attention, get endorsements from multi-millionaire celebrities and their own Netflix documentary. 

And now after all the rhetoric and calling out “establishment democrats” they put their full support behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who they consider the ultimate hope to defeat Donald Trump.  Joe Biden who is backed by entities of Wall Street and pharmaceutical companies and stood side by side with Barrack Obama as he bombed seven countries and helped George W. Bush bail out all the big banks resulting in many executives who caused the 2008 financial crises to get bonuses as many Americans were defaulting on their mortgages, not to mention coming from Delaware where the DuPont family hold the state’s politics in the palm of their hand basically making him DuPont property and Kamala Harris who as District Attorney in San Francisco put in authoritarian measures which increased the prison industrial complex are considered progressive and since they have the backing of Bernie Sanders makes them anti-establishment.

These bi-polar progressive politicians have contradicted themselves so many times that its incredible to see that their worshippers still believe anything they say.  Both Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have done excellent jobs rounding up their herd and putting them in Joe Bidens slaughterhouse.  It is horrifying to witness the group that is supposed to be fighting for the little guy display such acquiescence to the very establishment they claim to be fighting against.  Of course, this is what happens when the so-called resistance is made up of spoiled brats who were babied well into their twenties and snobby intellectuals.  The working and middle class was not represented it only appeared to be.  Working class people who struggle just to make ends meet know better than anyone that no politician or fancy rhetoric will solve their problems.  They have seen it time and time again as different political parties take control nothing ever changes at least not for the good.

The Bernie Sanders and AOC’s of the world are the most disingenuous out of all of them.  All politicians pretend to be for the people but the two of them and others like them portray themselves as the real heroes while calling out others for being fake then they back track and take their side.  All politicians are false Gods no matter what noise is cascading out of their mouths. 

It’s not just the left-wing politicians but also the academics as well that have revealed their true selves.  Noam Chomsky: arguably one of the greatest intellectuals of the present, has revealed himself to be just another mouthpiece for the powers that be.  In the past Chomsky has made some controversial comments along the lines of how government is slavery and that the Presidents of the United States should be hung for war crimes.  As radical as this sounds Chomsky is about as pro-establishment as it gets.  It is common for Chomsky to contradict himself.  Despite all his anarchistic blabber in the end he always ends up advocating for the status quo. 

Chomsky is nowhere near being an anarchist or a progressive.  He is part of the academic elite who despite saying some riveting things about the American system are first and for most the cheerleaders for the very system that they pretend to hate.  Noam Chomsky demonstrates this by his support for Bernie Sanders portraying him as some type of outsider adopting the same euphemisms Sanders and others on the “far-left” use.  And just like Sanders he denounces the so-called “establishment” Democrats like Joe Biden.  Chomsky, who is adored by the progressive left (if that’s what you want to call them), has proven himself to be just as boring and unoriginal as the rest of the social justice want-a-bees. 

The same talking points are heard repeatedly.  Chomsky: like the rest of the phony left, particularly likes to take shots at the Koch brothers.  It is very true that the Koch family are part of the elites and have done a significant amount of damage to society and need to be criticized and fought against.  However, they are also one of the few capitalists that the left likes to attack as if there is no other billionaires that need to be confronted.  The left limits its ridicule to mostly the Koch family along with Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg disregarding the people that hold the real power. 

Old money families like the Fords and Rockefellers are never mentioned in left-wing circles mostly because they are viewed as philanthropists. It is taboo to go against them because most academics have been programmed to buy into the euphemisms and woke talking points that their non-profit organizations use to hide their very conservative actions.  Noam Chomsky recently brought light to the fact that MIT is heavily funded by the Koch brothers making it sound as if they were the biggest influencers on the university.  However, he fails to point out how the DuPont family has been a driving force behind MIT since its inception.  The DuPont family has had an even longer history of right-wing radicalism and environmental destruction then the Koch’s and yet Chomsky never mentions them continuing to limit the variety of capitalist to a few new money individuals.  The Koch family are the boogiemen to the left just as George Soros is the boogieman to the right.

Chomsky further pushes the narrative that Donald Trump is the most dangerous President the United States has ever had and must be stopped at all costs no matter who is running the Democrats.  Again, it seems like the progressives forgot all about Barrack Obama’s bombing campaign or how George W. Bush got the U.S. into a war which is still ongoing almost twenty years later.  It would be interesting to see Noam Chomsky ask any of the surviving victims of U.S. military strikes if they could tell the difference between Donald Trump and Barrack Obama.  The warmongering media attempts to illustrate a difference and Noam Chomsky, the God of intellectualism, seems to be just as susceptible to mainstream catchphrases as any regular person with just a high school education.

An examination of the “anti-establishment “left will clarify things even more so.  Keywords to keep in mind “equity” “sustainability” and “social justice.”  As radical as these phrases may seem they do not originate from entities that would be considered left leaning or working class.  These are talking points coming out of some of the largest non-profit organizations in the country.  Organizations that, as everyone has been fighting each other over politics, have been altering our society into something unrecognizable.  “Equity” “sustainability” and all the rest are just euphemisms cornerstone by the multi-billion-dollar corporations masquerading as social justice warriors.  Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are just mouth pieces for the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, the Regional Plan Association and others like them.

There is nothing progressive about them these foundations are about as cutthroat and right-wing as can be.  People become so hypnotized by what they say they fail to see the just how anti-social they really are.  The foundations are pushing society to a world where people are obsolete and artificial intelligence is superior.  Where everyone lives on top of each other as entire forest are destroyed to make way for overpriced apartments as dead wildlife lingers on the sidewalks.  A society where we are drenched in radiation from cell towers and waste infects our streams.  A society where people own nothing because they have become debt slaves and the middle class is a thing of the past. 

Progressivism used to mean organizing and unionizing.  Now, to be a progressive all you need to do is hate Donald Trump.  As Bernie Sanders has stated, “Trump is the most dangerous President in American history.”  So, the logic here is to save America, the people who have the same intentions as Donald Trump must defeat him.  The goal has shifted from fighting injustices to fighting Trump and the injustices can be allowed to continue just under different leadership.  Just as ridiculous is that warmongering neocons like George W. Bush and the late John McCain are now considered progressive just for going against Donald Trump.  The whole Trump presidency has worked perfectly for the elites to wipe out any counterproductivity towards real activism.  Free thought has been diminished in the magical era of the Donald Trump Presidency.


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